Anti Money Laundering Policy at Pin Up online Casino in Bangladesh


1.1 Concealment of Illicit Gains

Money laundering involves the masking of assets acquired through illicit activities, such as narcotics trade or terrorist operations, to make them appear as originating from legitimate sources. Malefactors seek to obscure the origins, alter the form, or transfer the assets to locales where they attract less scrutiny.

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1.2 Strategies Against Money Laundering

Anti-money laundering (AML) refers to the suite of legal measures necessitating financial institutions and other regulated bodies to obstruct, recognize, and report instances of money laundering. An operative AML strategy mandates:

  • Legal proscription of laundering activities
  • Empowerment of regulatory and law enforcement agencies with investigative tools
  • Obligatory customer identification, risk-adjusted controls, records maintenance, and reporting of dubious activities by financial institutions
  • Facilitation of information exchange across borders when needed

Governance and Regulation

Employees in the digital gaming sector must report any information concerning potential money laundering or terrorist funding they encounter in their professional capacity when:

  • They are certain
  • They suspect

They have reasonable grounds to suspect that such illicit activities are taking place. These criteria collectively form the basis for required reporting. Regulators seek evidence of risk assessments conducted prior to initiating business relationships and adequate customer due diligence to ensure transactions align with the risk profiles.

Merchants must demonstrate that their monitoring activities are risk-sensitive and maintain accurate records reflecting this, updating risk profiles accordingly. This documentation should outline additional measures implemented for risk monitoring and instances necessitating a declaration of funds' sources from customers under high-risk scenarios.

2.1 Specific Legislative Requirements

The Merchant commits to integrating compliance thoroughly across all business facets, upheld by the licensed Сuracao Gaming License permitting internet-based games of chance.

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Law, Disorder, and AML Protocols

AML principles and protocols include:

  • Developing suitable systems and controls compliant with legal mandates
  • Annually assessing AML risks associated with the business and adopting a responsive, risk-based approach
  • Upholding system and control evaluations regularly
  • Supporting our designated officer with the requisite resources and autonomy

Risk Handling

Our approach to risk management, as stipulated by the Money Laundering Regulations 2007, involves:

  • Identifying specific money laundering and terrorist financing risks pertinent to us
  • Designing and enforcing policies to mitigate these risks
  • Continually monitoring and refining the effectiveness of these policies
  • Documenting actions taken and the rationale behind them

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Suspicious Activities

This entails identifying suspicious transactions and extreme player profiles among other indicators. Enhanced due diligence is warranted based on:

  • Passport or ID verification
  • Utility bill
  • Bank statements
  • Additional proofs of identity

Enhanced scrutiny is applied based on players' risk profiles and other identified criteria, necessitating thorough investigations into customers' backgrounds and assets.

Reporting and Escalation Procedures

Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) are obligatory, with escalations carried out discretely to ensure confidentiality. It is imperative that employees do not discuss AML concerns with the investigated parties or others, as disclosure risks legal consequences.

Employee Training and Management

Senior management champions the implementation of AML policies, with the designated Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO) overseeing compliance. Employee training ensures awareness of AML responsibilities and adherence to established protocols.

High Risk Jurisdictions

Countries identified by the Financial Action Task Force or by gambling regulators as high-risk are subject to stringent due diligence, especially when associated with substantial money laundering or terrorist financing risks.

Record Maintenance and Compliance Oversight

Comprehensive records supporting compliance and investigative efforts are maintained, alongside meticulous employee training and internal reporting records.

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By adhering to these stringent guidelines, the Merchant remains vigilant against illegal activities, ensuring compliance and safeguarding against abuse of our systems for illicit purposes.